Cigar City's El Catador Club

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Do you love Cigar City’s El Catador Club but are having trouble securing a local Tampa trustee to grab your delicious beer for you?

KOLO Shipping is now excited to announce our partnership with Cigar City Brewing to simplify the process for those out of town Club members.

Read on for more details!


El Catador Club

Cigar City's premiere bottle club offers a single bottle and 2 bottle options with a thank you gift included in each membership. Visit El Catador Club for more detailed information about the club.

El Catador Club

How does it work?

You will still manage your membership through Cigar City Brewing’s El Catador site as always. You’ll need to name KOLO Shipping as your Trustee, and then purchase our courier services directly from our site. Then at ONE predetermined time, after all the beers have been produced, and are ready to go, KOLO will pick up, professionally pack, and ship your beer to you. To clarify: we batch ship, so the beer will only ship once all beers are ready, no early/separate shipments will occur. 
Trustee email is Don’t forget to then come back to KOLO’s website to purchase our courier services.

Pickup and Shipping Policy

El Catador Club services offer a unique challenge as the amount of bottles vary and may or may not fit into a single box.  Due to these challenges, we have had to adapt our pricing and shipping policies.  We are working closely with Cigar City Brewing to ensure that we can offer you the best possible service at the lowest price.  

  1. KOLO Shipping will not pick up or pack any Catador products until after the final release has been announced by Cigar City.

  2. For 2 bottle memberships, purchase 2 Catador packages.

  3. El Catador Trustee services will be limited.

  4. Only offered at the Tampa location.

  5. Trustee email is

**All policies are subject to change as the size of the final package is not known until the Catador gift has been announced.