What states do you ship to?

Well, surprisingly enough it is WAY easier to list the states we do not ship to. Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, Virginia, and Utah are prohibited. Sorry if your state hates beer.

What is wave shipping?

In order to maximize savings and minimize packing time, we set a date that we will ship all orders received by a predetermined date, usually about 10 days prior to ship.

Can I ship just one bottle?

Of course! Be aware that in order to cover the costs, we have set a minimum order of $22.  

How do I track my order?

Once your order ships, you will receive a tracking number. You can also log in to your account and you can click on the tracking number there to see the status.

Can I combine shipping with a buddy?

Unfortunately, no.  Due to state and federal law, we must have a separate shipping label for each order that we pick up from the brewery.  We suggest that you combine your purchase order with the brewery before arranging pick up.

How do I ship to another location?

During checkout process you will be asked to enter a Shipping Address, add the alternate address you wish to use. Remember that there must be a person who is 21 or older there to receive it. Please note, there are some States that do not allow direct shipments. We will let you know if your shipment is possible prior to completing the order.

Does someone 21 or older have to sign for my order?

Yes, it's a state and federal law.

Oh no, a bottle broke in transit?

KOLO Shipping packages each beer according to our courrie’s policy concerning the shipment of alcohol.  Once the bottles leave our control the responsibility of safe delivery falls upon the delivery provider and their policies.  

What if I'm not in when they deliver?

Our courier service will make three, consecutive, business day attempts to deliver your order.

  • They won't specify the time of delivery, but will specify the date(s).

  • If unsuccessful after three attempts, the courier will hold your order five days at one of their local distribution centers. It will then be your responsibility to pick it up.

  • After the five days it will be returned to the warehouse. If the order is returned you are charged for the return shipping to the warehouse, and then the reshipping back to you.

  • An alternate delivery address or delivery date can be specified while the order is in transit. There is a $20 per package fee for the in-transit change plus any additional shipping charges.

Alternatives to consider when selecting a delivery address.

  • Have it shipped to a business address.

  • Check out a local delivery store and ask if they will receive it for you(many charge $5-$10 per pack to receive it for you).

Do you ship internationally?

International shipments are not available at this time.

There is a major snow storm heading my way, what do I do?

  • It is not the policy of KOLO Shipping to monitor inclement weather throughout the United States. If you notice adverse conditions in your area please redirect your package if it has been shipped or contact us at info@koloshipping.com to make arrangements for the safe delivery of your package.

  • Damage related to the weather and climate during shipment is not the responsibility of KOLO Shipping.

  • It is not the policy of KOLO shipping to delay the shipment of any package, but exceptions can be made on a case by case basis. Any fees that may occur from the holding of package will be responsibility of the package owner.

Would you like to know how to place an order?

More questions???

Send them to us at info@koloshipping and we will do our best to answer them for you.