How To Order

The following are instructions to help you out with your first order. After you have done it once or twice, you will be a pro.

Pro Tip #1: Create an account to store your information to make all the future purchases easier and quicker.


Step No. 1

Purchase your beer from the brewery. Make sure to choose KOLO as your pick up/shipping option.

Step No. 2

Go to and choose the size of a shipper to be used depending on the amount of beer bottles purchased. As you can see in our shop, we use 4, 6, and 12 bottle shippers. If you purchased less than 4 bottles, you would go ahead and choose the 4 shipper.

Step No. 3

Add your order to the cart and go through the check out process. Make sure to note your brewery order number.  Postage will also be calculated during check out. You will receive order confirmation after placing your order.

Step No. 4

We regularly post the latest release along with the purchasing deadlines and scheduled shipping dates on our website and social media. Once the shipping date arrives, you will receive a tracking number for your order.

Now, you are ready!

Still unsure about something?